Tiffany Haddish speaks up that she has lost all her jobs over molestation case

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American Actress, Tiffany Haddish declares she does not have a single job after being charged of molestation, even though the lawsuit alleging this, has been disregarded.

The actress, Tiffany Haddish conversed with TMZ on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at the Los Angeles International Airport.

By Ann Chigbufue

A particular Jane Doe had sworn that Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears lured her and her brother into improper sexual skits as youngsters.

The young woman has now dropped her lawsuit.

Regardless, the aftermath of the lawsuit has cost Tiffany a lot. The actress notified TMZ that she has lost everything in the wake of this issue.

Haddish declared that she is relieved now that the saga is over but she also pointed out that her major concern was the actual accuser, as well as her brother.

Remember that Tiffany and Aries were charged with including the girl and her brother in filmed sketches when they were youngsters, In one of the sketches, Tiffany allegedly had the girl imitate fellatio on a sandwich, and in another, her brother was allegedly the subject of a pedophile’s fantasy, acted by Aries.

Tiffany refuted the claims at first, calling it a shakedown, but she later expressed remorse for her part in all of this.

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