Socialite, Pretty Mike Attends Don Jazzy’s Mom’s Funeral With Women Putting On Large P*N*S Pants (Pictures&Video)

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Pretty Mike ensured to grip attention again as he stepped out yesterday for Don Jazzy’s Mother’s Funeral 

The socialite, Pretty Mike walked in with a cortege of 8 women all putting on a unique pair of pants.

By Ann Chigbufue

Mike attended Don Jazzy’s mom’s burial which took place on Friday, October 7, 2022.

He made an entry as he arrived the venue of the occasion with eight women all donning pants that featured enormous p*n*ses with testicle.

Some months back, famous Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike has communicated his opinions about men who adore big buttocks.

Rushing to his Instagram page to speak to women dating such fellas, Pretty Mike notified them to acknowledge the truth that their partner is a chronic cheat owing to the number of females with large buttocks and those who undergo surgery to enrich their backside.

Mike stated, that any guy who dates a lady because of her enormous buttocks would unquestionably cheat on her with another lady with an equally great butt.

Pretty wrote,

“I just want to state a simple truth that would be beneficial to your mental health and peace of mind as an honest lover. Listen up!

If your man is a backside/backyard lover, I mean if your man likes Big Yansh”… just know that he’s a chronic cheat, no statistics is needed for proof. Infact! If he’s with you because of your bumbum, know that he can never be redeemed from cheating?.”

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