Nigerian Entertainment News:“When You Come for Me, You are the Victim” VeryDarkMan Boldly Declares Victorious Stance Following Bail

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Amidst his recent release from detention, the contentious figure, VeryDarkMan, proudly asserts his triumph and sends a pointed message to those who sought his incarceration

Having been apprehended on March 22 and subsequently granted bail on Easter Sunday, VeryDarkMan emerges in a video donning traditional Northern attire, extending well wishes to his Muslim audience for the upcoming Ramadan.

By Ann Chigbufue 

In his address, he boldly proclaims that anyone who dares to oppose him assumes the role of the victim, while those he pursues inevitably find themselves in the same position, as he never falters in his pursuits.

The activist further underscores the significance of his release coinciding with Easter Sunday, likening it to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and questions the peculiar timing of law enforcement’s actions, prompting whether releases on Sundays are customary.


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