Nigerian Entertainment News: Ubi Franklin Replies to Fan’s Criticism Over His Obsession with Davido’s Family

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Music executive Ubi Franklin addressed a fan who questioned his apparent fixation on Davido’s family, the Adelekes, instead of his own kin

During a Q&A session on Ubi Franklin’s Instagram story, an anonymous follower asked why he seemed more interested in the Adelekes than his own relatives.

 By Ann Chigbufue 

The fan wrote:

“Why are you so obsessed with the Adelekes and not your own family.”

In response, Ubi Franklin explained that his devotion to his own family led the critic to notice his interest in another family.

He emphasized that for him, family always comes first, and he regards the Adelekes as part of his family.

He also advised the fan to find someone to be obsessed with, seek healing, and leave him and his family alone.

His words: “If I wasn’t obsessed with my own family, you will not see that I’m obsessed about another person. Where I come from we take care of home before we go outside. It’s family first and the Adelekes are my family so we do family first. In the world today, we just need healing because someone shows love to his friends and it’s a big problem, go and find someone to be obsessed with abeg, leave me with my friends and family alone please”


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