Nigerian Entertainment News: Davido Provides Extensive Insight into Sophia Momodu, His Daughter Imade, and Dele Momodu’s Role

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An Official Statement Issued by Singer Davido Nine Years Ago About His Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu, His Daughter, Imade Adeleke, and Uncle Dele Momodu’s Involvement

Popular musician Davido has revealed additional details regarding his ongoing situation with Sophia Momodu, as they continue to dispute custody over their seven-month-old daughter, Imade.

 By Ann Chigbufue 

The artist shared a comprehensive account along with accompanying visuals on his Instagram earlier today, although all content was removed just an hour later.

In his disclosure, Davido clarifies his actions and sheds further light on Sophia Momodu’s involvement.

See the extensive (and detailed) account below:

Read the extensive narrative below:

Birth of Imade Adeleke As Sophia’s pregnancy reached its second trimester, she revealed to me that she was expecting a child.

I was taken aback, unsure how to react to this unexpected news. Nevertheless, I accepted my impending fatherhood and committed to being a responsible parent, despite my young age of 21. Marriage was never on the table, as I was not romantically involved with Sophia.

To ensure Sophia received proper prenatal and postnatal care, I arranged for her to stay in a leased apartment in Lekki for two years, which I funded entirely. Throughout this time, I bore all medical expenses, including those for Imade’s birth on May 14, 2015.

It was only after Imade’s birth that a DNA test confirmed my paternity, prompting Sophia to escalate her financial demands. Despite this, I continued to support Sophia financially, purchasing baby supplies and furnishing her apartment alone, as her family, including Uncle Dele Momodu, did not offer any assistance.

Uncle Dele Momodu, now publicly involved, never visited Sophia or Imade, nor did he extend any support. Despite Sophia’s assertions about her uncle, she never introduced me to him or visited him during her stay at my house.

Custody, Lifestyle, and Imade’s Health In the initial months after Imade’s birth, Sophia lived comfortably in the apartment I provided, while I paid her a monthly allowance. However, her lifestyle quickly became concerning as she prioritized Lagos nightlife over parental responsibilities, leaving Imade alone at home frequently.

Imade’s health deteriorated dramatically after Sophia’s neglect led to her exposure to cannabis through contaminated breast milk. Medical reports confirmed Sophia’s substance abuse, leading to Imade being temporarily placed in the care of the Adeleke family for her well-being.

Sophia’s demands escalated, including a luxury car and increased financial support, which I hesitated to fulfill due to her reckless behavior and extravagant spending habits.

Despite Sophia’s claims and public outbursts, Imade remained safe and cared for, especially during her critical medical visits abroad, which were sometimes hindered by Sophia’s actions.

Legal and Personal Feuds The situation intensified when Uncle Dele Momodu intervened, making public statements and sharing videos without consent, which I later apologized for removing from the internet. Despite attempts to resolve matters privately, the situation escalated due to his interference.

Moving Forward As I continue to navigate fatherhood and career, I hope for a peaceful resolution for Imade’s sake. I remain committed to providing for her and ensuring her well-being, despite ongoing challenges with Sophia and external interference.

End of Statement

(Source: Adapted from a report originally published on Bella Naija)

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