Nigerian Entertainment News: Daniel Regha Calls Out Burna Boy for Saying He Writes all His Songs

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Daniel Regha, a prominent figure on Twitter known for critique and commentary, has brought attention to remarks made by the Grammy-winning rapper Burna Boy concerning his approach to composing music

Burna Boy has publicly affirmed that he does not employ lyricists in crafting his music, clarifying that individuals credited on his songs are either producers or featured artists, not songwriters.

By Ann Chigbufue 

The artist emphasized his uniqueness in this regard, proudly labeling himself as Odogwu, and asserted his sole responsibility for the lyrical content of his songs, asserting that he relies solely on his own creativity without external aid.

“Any name you see credited on my songs are only producers of the songs or featured artists not writers. But for some reason the western world considers producers as writers of the instrumentals and they just throw their names on there as writers. Nobody fit write for Odogwu”

Burna Boy said.

In response, Daniel Regha linked to a 2020 tweet from Burna Boy in which the singer admitted soliciting Peruzzi’s help in songwriting.

Daniel challenged Burna Boy’s recent claim that he never receives songwriting assistance, pointing out that songwriting credit is given to individuals who co-wrote or participated to the writing process.

He emphasized the distinction between Burna Boy’s past acknowledgement of work with Peruzzi as a songwriter and his present position on songwriting credits.

He reminded Burna Boy that claiming sole credit for composition violates the industry principle of giving credit only where it is due.

Quoting Burna boy’s post on X , Daniel wrote:

“Burna, this was u in 2020 giving credit to Peruzzi as a songwriter, but suddenly nobody writes for u? For the record, no one gets songwriting credit unless they co-wrote or contributed to writing the song, so you’re statement isn’t valid”.

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