Nigerian Entertainment News: Controversy Arises as Liquorose’s Close Companions and Dance Crew Members, E4ma and Ella, Fail to Celebrate Liquorose on her Birthday

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Liquorose, a former participant of BBNaija, marked her 29th birthday on March 31, 2024

Despite their previous camaraderie, Liquorose’s erstwhile confidantes and fellow dancers, E4ma and Ella, refrained from posting her picture or extending birthday wishes.

 By Ann Chigbufue 

Their actions have stirred concern and discussions across various social media platforms.

This development follows shortly after E4ma and Ella commemorated the anniversary of their dance ensemble, “Girls Got Bold,” showcasing glamorous photos devoid of Liquorose, and omitting any mention of her.

Amid unverified claims, rumors abound that Liquorose has been excluded from the Instagram and WhatsApp accounts of their dance group.

While the exact reasons behind their apparent estrangement remain unclear, there remains a glimmer of hope for reconciliation and the renewal of their professional and personal bonds.

Some reactions online:


“3 is a crowd. If you have ever found yourself in such friendships, you would understand it might not be Liquor’s fault.”


“Nobody knows what went wrong but you people are trying to tie it to Rose because she’s the one that went for bbn and the one left out from the trio friendship. Their destiny aren’t tied together after all, she’s better off alone”


“They helped, she helped them . Atleast all thanks to rose,more people got to know about the dancing crew, which I am sure they got gigs from. If friendship has ended, all man should move on. Life happened, shikina”

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