Nigerian Entertainment News: Amidst Custody Dispute, Sophia Momodu Celebrates New Accomplishment

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Sophia Momodu, the first baby mama of renowned Nigerian music sensation Davido, shares the happiness she experiences as a mother after being invited to her daughter’s school for World Career Day

In the midst of their ongoing custody dispute, Sophia fondly recalls the beginning of summer break, expressing her longing for the school routine with her daughter, Imade Adeleke.

 By Ann Chigbufue 

One of her most cherished moments is being invited to Imade’s esteemed school for World Career Day as a social brand influencer, a role she endearingly calls the “Soft Money Gang.”

Sophia recounted having an excellent time discussing various relevant topics, sharing her insights, and addressing numerous questions.

She also expressed her astonishment at seeing the younger generation learning to blend smart work with hard work in their journey to discover their purpose.

“As the summer break kicks off, I find myself reminiscing, and I miss having a school routine with @realimadeadeleke; one of my most treasured memories of school being in session was when I had the privilege of being invited to my daughter’s prestigious school for World Career Day as a social/brand influencer—or what I like to call ‘soft money gang.’

We had an amazing time discussing all things influencing, sharing experiences, and answering countless questions…

I was thrilled to see how many of the kids were already thinking outside the box and dreaming big! It’s incredible to see the new generation learning to merge working smart and working hard to find their purpose.

As Jess Lair said, ‘Children are not things to be molded but are people to be unfolded.’

The future is bright, and I can’t wait to see what these young influencers achieve!”

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